Credit Information

InterMuse participants registered in Kodály Certification Levels I, II, and III are eligible to earn three graduate letter-graded BYU credits in Music 575R. This program is also endorsed by the Organization of American Kodály Educators. OAKE certification is granted upon successful completion of three levels over three summers.

The Postcertification Refresher Course does not carry any credit.

Important note: If you are registering for credit, it is imperative that you update your records with the BYU Records Office, especially if you have changed your name since you last attended BYU.

Even if you register for this program online or by phone with your updated name, you must update your records with BYU so the correct name appears on the grade roll.

View the instructions for changing your name.

After required course work is completed, grades will be posted (entered on transcripts) in late August. You will not receive a grade report but must request an official transcript to see your grade. An official transcript may be ordered from the BYU Records Office.

View information on how to request transcripts.

For questions about grades after completion of the program, please call 801-422-3896 or e-mail