Deadline: April 30, 2017

Application form

We are pleased to announce several tuition-only scholarships, made available by the Scott, Jaccard and Deccio Families for partial tuition.

Who Can Apply

These are need-based scholarships. Applications will be accepted from Level II and Level III participants committed to completing their Kodály Certification through the BYU InterMuse Academy. Applicants must have attended all 10 days of Level I and/or II at BYU only and have achieved a composite grade of at least A-. Applicants will document active public school, private school, home school, or private studio Kodály-inspired teaching service since participating in Level I course work.

These need-based scholarships are paid directly to the BYU School of Music–InterMuse account at BYU Continuing Education. If your InterMuse tuition is already being paid in full by another entity, such as a school district, private school, or other non-loan funding source, we ask you not to apply so that others may benefit. We realize that some of you may have already prepaid your tuition. A refund will be forthcoming from BYU Continuing Education if you are awarded a scholarship.

How to Apply

If you meet the above criteria, please fill out the application form and submit it to be received (NOT postmarked) by April 30, 2017. The form must be submitted as hard copy by regular mail. Faxes and email attachments will not be accepted. The mailing address is listed on the application form.

The application form asks you to demonstrate your financial need, document your Kodály teaching service, declare your intent to complete your Kodály Certification through the BYU InterMuse Academy, and actively support Kodály musical education in your community, either through teaching or advocacy, or both. Although not required, active participation in OAKE, your state OAKE chapter, and IKS would be one type of positive evidence of your ongoing commitment to the Kodály ideal and will be an element of consideration in awarding you a scholarship.

Award Selection Process

Applications are reviewed and selection is done by the InterMuse Director, as appointed by the contributing families. Awardees will be notified in a timely manner prior to the InterMuse early registration deadline.