Participant Testimonials

"There has to be the joy of accomplishment in every note the students sing. There has to be happiness in every phrase. There has to be mutual confidence and love between the student and the teacher, and there has to be the mutual awareness of beauty around us. These are not idle words. The love of beauty and the wish to share this love is what made Kodály the composer, Kodály the teacher, and Kodály the man so great."

—Arpád Darázs

"I certified 10 years ago as a Kodaly Specialist. Coming back for the refresher course was like a breath of fresh air. The InterMuse team has continued their research and development and have not only improved the presentation and the program, but have added new materials and ideas. The experience was WELL worth the money for a refresher course! I felt more confident and more prepared with a much greater understanding of Kodaly's direction, motivation, and practice. Teaching with Kodaly's concept of education is like being on vacation while you work--so much JOY!"

—Nancy Hopkin

"Although I had heard of Zoltán Kodály and his teaching approaches before attending InterMuse, my previous studies were inadequate to understand the techniques of his revolutionary teaching. InterMuse opened a whole new world of elementary music teaching as I discovered the importance of teaching students in a way that would allow them to be independent music creators and thinkers. I am very grateful for InterMuse and the steps it laid for me to follow in this lifelong endeavor of becoming a powerful and meaningful teacher. My students are becoming better singers and music makers each year because of Kodály’s practices."

—Kayla Spurlock

"InterMuse, taught by local and international experts, gave me much more than certification. It strengthened my personal musicianship in ways that positively affect my students every day. InterMuse has provided me with solid folk song material that I use daily in my teaching. I love how my students can now reconnect with their own musical heritage. This way of teaching and learning had made a real impact on the culture of our community. The three summers I spent at InterMuse brought results. My students are more musically literate and they sing from the heart."

—Ben Peterson

"Intermuse changed the way I teach! I am so glad I went, and I wish I had attended ten years ago. It has made a difference for my students."

—David Jackman

"InterMuse was a great re-charge during the summer to inspire me for another year of teaching. I returned to my students enthusiastic and optimistic for things we could accomplish together the next year. I came away with the tools and ideas for how to make it happen."

—Jessica Heaton

"I taught school before receiving my Kodály certification, and while I did a good job, I was floundering as far as what my exact goals were, and I certainly lacked direction when it came to helping ALL students in my music classes to become better musically. The difference between my first year of teaching without InterMuse and the years teaching with my certification from attending BYU InterMuse is stunning. I had superior instructors at BYU InterMuse who I could never have afforded to take classes from in any other setting."

—Susan Quebbeman

"Because I primarily teach upper grade music (grades 7-12), I wasn't sure how advantageous the InterMuse program would be for me. As it turns out, this is not just a program for K-6 teachers. In fact, the curriculum for my most advanced course (AP Music Theory) has grown out of what I learned at InterMuse. I use solfa in all of my choral programs to strengthen intonation and music reading. Aside from that, learning how and what the younger students are learning before they come to me helps me know how to approach my own curriculum. Even if you have an advanced degree in music education, I would highly recommend InterMuse to broaden your perspective on music teaching."

—Rob Swenson

"InterMuse has changed the way I teach children…I was gently 'stretched' by the most amazing, knowledgeable, and patient faculty, to become a better musician. In addition, I have made new friends that I will treasure for a lifetime."

—Carla Pratt

"Going to InterMuse gave me so many new resources, and so much motivation. I have been successfully using the teaching techniques and problem-solving strategies this school year, and I have been amazed with the difference in my students' musicality. I can hardly wait to come back next summer!"

—Julie Burgess