• Zoltán Kodály

    A noted Hungarian composer and music educator, Kodály believed that every learner is naturally musical. Learn how Kodály’s innovative music education concepts can improve your teaching, musicianship, rehearsing, and conducting! Full Kodály Bio 

  • Core Classes

    Core classes in solfege, pedagogy, conducting, and music literature—with your choice of specialty tracks.

  • Opportunities

    Learn from lifelong practitioners of the Kodály method.


  • Individualized Tutoring

    Learn in small-group classes with individualized tutoring.


  • Invite Friends and Family to Attend!

    Invite friends and family to attend the final concert! Apply what you learn, and sing together in a concert on the final evening of the program.

  • Attend

    Attend three summers and earn your Kodály Certification from Organization of American Kodály Educators (OAKE)


  • Exchange

    Exchange ideas and techniques, create teacher networks, and enjoy camaraderie with fellow music educators.

22nd Annual InterMuse Academy

June 6–17, 2016, at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah

If you wish to make a difference through music education, InterMuse Kodály certification is for you—whether you are an entry-level or advanced musician.

Kodály teaching concepts and techniques are used in 35 countries on five continents. We teach an ever-evolving, up-to-date, comprehensive, and musically sound curriculum. InterMuse is also the original source for American Kodály-related instrumental teaching.

  • Expand your knowledge with up-to-date learner-centered music education and become certified in the Kodály method
  • Study with Hungarian and American faculty who are celebrated Kodály educators
  • Establish or upgrade your school, private studio, or community music curriculum with course work on sol-fa, conducting, music literature, pedagogy